Bonjour or rather Moin Moin?

In 2021, we launched our LIVE format for Cannes and curated four days of hot trends for you.
In 2022, we revisited the format and reported LIVE from our flat on the Croisette.
Our goal: curate, inspire and comment!

Did you miss it? Then you should better scroll down quickly, because you can watch the streams again in our media library.
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9:30 am
Finds from Cannes with Simon Cook

3:30 pm
A Croissant With Alex Schill

Live Talk: Elevator Girls in Cannes - A Conversation about the ROI Machine TikTok


9:30 am
Finds from Cannes

Live-Talk by Deloitte Digital mit Boaz Paldi, CCO @ UNDP


9:30 am
Finds from Cannes

3:30 pm
A Croissant With Diether Kerner

Brave new world – are NFT and virtual influencers in the metaverse the future?!


9:30 am
Finds from Cannes

3:30 pm
A Croissant With Emma Sullivan

Live-Talk: Today I save the world and tomorrow it's all about the sausage!

A first look back at the week with HORIZONT

7:00 pm
German Beach
"Invitation Only"


3:30 pm
A Croissant With Marianne Heiß & Susanne Grundmann

Marketing Leadership-Talk by Deloitte Digital with Ulrich Klenke, Markenchef @Telekom

Lions for Germany 2022

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We reported LIVE again in 2022. This time from our flat on the Croisette.

Check out the media library to see what our live format looked like in 2021 & 2022. Top speakers, top topics and top mood!

Auf ein Croissant mit Marianne Heiß & Susanne Grundmann

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Speakers 2022

  • Alex SchillGlobal CCOServiceplan
  • Ayesheh CartaCOODOJO
  • Christoph NannCCO und InhaberCarlNann
  • Diether KernerChief Creative OfficerFischerAppelt Gruppe
  • Emma SullivanCreative DirectorVinted
  • Kathrin FranssenHead of Agency PartnershipsTikTok
  • Max PenkExecutive Creative ProducerIT'S US Media
  • Niat Asfaw GraçaGeneral ManagerServiceplan Bubble
  • Tino KrauseRegional Director CEMeta