Bonjour or rather Moin Moin?

We are live again! 📺

In short: Cannes is back and so are we as the festival representative for Germany and Switzerland! And because we cultivate traditions, we’re serving up the hottest topics and trends for you – straight from the Croisette live on the screen in your hotel, living room, office or wherever you can receive us!

Creativity creates added value, provides benefits and brings people together. It has charisma and above all: meaning. Against this background, we ask ourselves and others in our live format the question: “It matters – why?” In short: It’s about the big “why”. Why did we become creatives? Why is creativity important for brands and especially people? The question of why will be our editorial framework for the talks and guests we will present to you.

We have already collected the first answers to these questions in our teaser.
More questions and answers for you in Cannes!

Starting on 06/19


Timetable 2023




KNSK & Serviceplan DCNTRL

The world is changing at breakneck speed. Yesterday the pitch idea was pasted on cardboard, today three sentences are typed as a prompt and the finished campaign plus visual are in print.

In our live talk we want to take a look behind the scenes of AI, ChatGPT4, Web3, Metaverse etc. together with customers, agencies and experts. On the backdrop of the question: How can we create a culture in which we are open to experiments? In agencies as well as between agencies and brands.

We do the reality check. Are German advertisers open to experimentation and innovation, or do they stick to their last like cobblers? Are some flexing with their NFTs in their wallets in the agency kitchen, while others see AI as a job killer and fear for their jobs? Or is artificial intelligence perhaps even the solution to the shortage of skilled workers? Let’s find out!

  • Florentin Hock

    Chief Creative Officer & Partner


  • Nina Matzat

    General Manager & Web3 Strategist

    Serviceplan DCNTRL



Cultural Marketing - Recognize the Patterns and Break Out

Serviceplan Group & BACKSPIN / NikoMedia

How can brands, target groups and artists be authentically connected? That’s the big question when it comes to cultural marketing. In our live talk, we take a look at the factors that are needed to set up value-creating collaborations. The kind where brands, target audiences and artists’ metaphysically rub each other’s backs. The kind of campaigns that are about real vibe and where users leave likes because they really celebrate it. You know. Those “marketing completed” campaigns.

Where do we stand in the field of cultural marketing in Germany? Children’s shoes or already graduated from high school? Who are winners, who are losers? It’s all about hip hop, beats and melodies that go from the eardrum straight to the heart, and other super cool examples. Examples that are fresh & drippy and scream out loud: “can do”! And of course freshly baked cases for all.

  • Lars Holling

    Managing Partner

    Serviceplan Group


    Head of BACKSPIN

    BACKSPIN / NikoMedia



The Voice of Social Business – Brands

Viva con Agua & Accenture Song

For years, we’ve said that brands need to position themselves because consumers are becoming the marketing channel for the product. The new world is paying very close attention to the statement it makes through fashion, food and media.

How do you advertise as a brand in this world and find your voice? Do you advertise at all, or do consumers not care what kind of social activities brands engage in? Do we need brand activism that puts its finger on global wounds and takes political positions? We want to clarify these and many other questions in conversation with brands and agencies.

We talk about the understanding of values of brands and their agencies and discuss whether agencies can still work for brands that are on the other side of the “good” CSR side. It’s all about values, statements and social responsibility. We learn from the stories and cases that make the world a little bit better.

  • Michael Fritz

    Co-Founder Viva con Agua, Activist

    Accenture Song

  • Liane Siebenhaar


    Accenture Song



Filter Bubble – How data-driven should creative work be?


We in the creative and media cosmos like to claim that we know our customers’ target group inside out. But is that really the case? We ourselves are a very special breed. We usually live a very privileged life. We are early adopters of trends and like to move with the times. But it’s often a different story with our target groups. When are we really in touch with the target group of Germany’s favorite reality tv show?

The media industry’s magic bullet to this question: data. But are they correct and who actually questions them? We want to talk to people who record target groups every day. They know exactly where the target groups are and what they want. And we ask them critically: Do we really know all this? Have we ever asked the target groups whether they are actually interested in our campaigns at the time and place we have planned?

Perhaps our creative work suffers from the data, because we want certainty. Certainty, that we are doing the right thing. But maybe our target groups would also like a campaign based on our gut feeling. Let’s find out together.

  • Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek

    Founder & Head of Consulting



Germany Beach



Business to Human - How we can become better employers

Omnicom Media Group Germany GmbH, WPP & Hornbach Baumarkt AG

We want to reach people – not only in a business context, but also as an employer. Anything but easy when you look at the highly competitive employee market. If you want to be relevant, you need something more than a fruit basket at reception or the prospect of a 4-day week.

Is it enough to “simply” be a cool brand as an agency and company? One that employees can connect with emotionally and that has a good product that colleagues can get behind? It’s about language. Transported images and meaning that employers convey to their employees so that they start the journey to work in the morning – or go the famous extra mile. Do we need all this and, preferably, an infinite number of vacation days?

To start with: We don’t have all the answers, but we want to talk to people who, in our view, are doing a lot right in the employer market.

  • Holger Thalheimer

    Chief People & Culture Officer

    Omnicom Media Group Germany GmbH

  • Larissa Pohl

    WPP Open X Europe Lead for TCCC


  • Karsten Kühn

    Vorstand und Arbeitsdirektor

    Hornbach Baumarkt AG

Speaker 2023

  • Florentin HockChief Creative Officer & PartnerKNSK
  • Holger ThalheimerChief People & Culture OfficerOmnicom Media Group Germany GmbH
  • Karsten Kühn Vorstand und ArbeitsdirektorHornbach Baumarkt AG
  • Larissa PohlWPP Open X Europe Lead for TCCCWPP
  • Lars HollingManaging PartnerServiceplan Group
  • Liane SiebenhaarCSOAccenture Song
  • Michael FritzCo-Founder Viva con Agua, ActivistViva con Agua
  • Niklas Maximilian MrutzekFounder & Head of ConsultingERASON GmbH
  • Foto von Markus SchwerNiko BACKSPINHead of BACKSPINBACKSPIN / NikoMedia
  • Nina MatzatGeneral Manager & Web3 StrategistServiceplan DCNTRL